To meet customers’ requirements and to ensure our first-class quality, all products are required to go through professional quality checks. We use advanced packaging equipment to prevent any folding or twisting of our products and ensure their an even elasticity.

1) Thickness gauge a) Under standard atmosphere product thickness

b) Under 0.02kpa atmospheric pressure product thickness

c) Product compression ratio and rebound elasticity
2) Precision scales Glue and product gram heavy
3) Drying oven Main test glue solid content
4) Washer Main test product laundering. Debugging water temperature to 30℃ ~ 40℃, continual laundering product 3 hours later, whether the inspection product does have the breakage, crack
5) Examines the knitting machine Whether the main test product does include the metal to dye the thing, when has the metal, the LED lamp will shine the prompt